Strange creatures – new album & TOUR 2022.
Unique music made from New Zealand bird song. DownlOAd here.

Henika ‘Strange Creatures Tour’ Dates

Strange Creatures Tour Aug & Sept 2022
Henika is an Auckland based singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer touring her latest album Strange Creatures made from native birdsong. The birds act as her band with Tui on beats, Kakapo on bass, Kokako on harmony and Korimako on melodic hooks. The genres span from altpop to jazz to hiphop, all tied together by birdsong and the message of conservation. Henika’s live show is quirky, fun and colourful. She accompanies the birds with live instruments such as the slide guitar, double bass and theremin. See unusual costumes with paper mache bird heads and hear stories about her encounters with the birds while recording on Tiritiri Matangi Island.

This August and September, Henika is taking her debut album ‘Strange Creatures’ on tour around the upper North Island of New Zealand, 8 dates of intimate shows in small venues featuring local special guests. Links to tickets below.


Dripping with avian-inspired avant-garde comes Henika‘s brand new album Strange Creatures, an 9-track celebration of Aotearoa native birdsong, with each piece guided by our beloved native birds, and interwoven with Henika’s genre-bending imagination. Female energy is at the forefront of this album, every track is bold, vibrant, and unapologetically itself.
The inspiration behind this album was long-running, beginning at the age of 8 years old. “The idea was seeded when I first heard the Tui as a child. I had just moved to NZ with my family from Slovakia”, says songwriter Henrieta Tornyai, “The sound was so alien, no European bird could compete. I was amazed a single living thing could even create such an incredible variety of tones. I remember being mesmerised and thinking it sounded more inventive than any music I had ever heard. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Tui in your band? Of course, at the time this seemed impossible. 
“The idea didn’t resurface until about 4 years ago. I had recently released my first self-titled EP which had alt-rock and folk influences and depended on a band for live performance. I was finding it difficult to keep a steady lineup and I wanted to become more independent. I was inspired by Kiwi artists like Kimbra and Estere who were using new and exciting technology to perform without the need of other musicians. Harsh electronic sounds weren’t something I was used to however. I always gravitated toward more organic sounds and what’s more organic than birdsong? I saw this as the perfect opportunity to make this idea come to life.”
Studying at MAINZ to learn production, Henika began compiling field recordings from predator-free sanctuaries, with the majority sourced from Tiritiri Matangi, an island sanctuary in the Hauraki Gulf where she spent three days sleeping in the DOC Hut.
“Getting up at 4:30am to record the dawn chorus was one of the most magical moments of my life. The whole island came alive with the most intricate song with clear ‘parts’ and patterns that already felt ‘composed.’ The song was already there, it just needed some lyrics and structure. This became the opening track.”
While writing her album, she realised that different birds took on specific roles.
“The Tui is the ultimate beatboxer and dominates the rhythm tracks. The Korimako, with its bell-like tones, added haunting hooks. The Kokako with its long mournful tones suited layering into chords. The most difficult part to fill was in the low end until I came across some recordings of the male Kakapo ‘booming.’ This formed the bass on some of the tracks. I filled out the tracks with synths, guitars and double bass all of which I performed and recorded in my home studio.
“This album has been incredibly challenging and fun to write and produce. I learned so much as I went and I feel like I really expanded my palette. It was the individual bird calls themselves that informed the writing. I let the character of each call lead where the song would go. That is how I ended up with such diverse genres that I wouldn’t normally explore. The lyrics are written from the point of view of the birds, their daily struggle for survival, trials and tribulations etc. I wanted to create empathy with listeners. 
“Birds are so much more than just some background ornamentation that we take for granted. They are living, breathing beings who feel just like us. They are unique, precious and vulnerable, just like us.  I want listeners to stop and really listen to the birds, appreciate their beauty and hopefully care enough to do something to stop their demise because their demise is our demise. So much has already been lost. Immediate drastic action is necessary to save the remaining species. We are living in an emergency and time is running out. I want listeners to be rattled by my message. This isn’t some new age meditation album with relaxing bird tweets. It’s a call to action.”
Henika is an Auckland-based songwriter, experimenting and blending unlikely genres to create haunting original compositions with strong messages, which had her nominated for Best Independent Debut at the Taite Music Awards in 2017. All proceeds from the album go towards various volunteer conservation organisations such as the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi. “Without their tireless work”, says Henika, “this album would not have been possible”.

“Strange Creatures” album out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music   

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