HENIKA EP Cover Sept 2016 smallcropped-HENIKA-EP-Cover-Sept-2016-small-1.jpg

Announcing the self-titled debut EP by Henika, an NZ alternative solo artist, arriving on September 1st 2016. Recorded and produced by the legendary Andrew Buckton (Midnight Youth, Steriogram, D4) and featuring veteran drummer Mike Franklin-Browne (Pluto, Head Like A Hole), it is a polished yet fresh debut. The 6 track EP includes Henika’s previously released single ‘You bring me down’, a song that won Wildcard funding by popular vote from NZonAir in 2015.

Henika is Henrieta Tornyai, a newcomer multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter whose music blends genres as diverse as alternative rock, folk and jazz. Somewhere between Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey, the EP swings from darkness to light, from stripped down, to a huge wall of sound. The vulnerable openness of a track like ‘The River’ is contrasted by the Jeff Buckley-esque dissonant layered guitars of ‘Torn in Two.’ A creamy and haunting lead vocal, introspective lyrics and 3 part harmonies combine to create a dark cinematic atmosphere, not unlike a David Lynch soundtrack.

Henika is gearing up for her debut live performance to be broadcast worldwide on Facebook Live on September 7th. The EP will be available to download Bandcamp, Itunes and will stream via Spotify and Soundcloud. A limited edition compact disc is also available on Bandcamp.

In the pipeline are a new video for the next single ‘The River’ and live shows with a 4 piece band over the coming summer.